2014 Forest Hills Drive (Patrice McBride Remixes) – J. Cole

Last month J. Cole dropped one of the best hip hop albums of the year with the masterfully crafted 2014 Forest Hills Drive. The homie Patrice McBride picked 3 of his favorite tracks from it & put his own twist on them. First up is his version of No Role Modelz where he chops up the intro synths over some nice bouncy drums. A few of J. Cole’s lyrics are spaced throughout but the groove of the beat is what does it for me. Next up is the Remix to the lead off single Apparently which keeps the vibe of the original but has bigger drums and some dope FX & beat stutters. Rounding out the EP is Patrice’s double time mix of G.O.M.D. which moves nicely and is a good early track for your club sets. The Remix EP can be Downloaded with a like on Patrice McBride’s Facebook page.

Also if you are in the Philadelphia area you can catch Patrice competing in the first round of the Red Bull 3Style at Voyeur on Friday, January 30th.

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