About Us

We love music, all kinds… but this blog is dedicated specifically to the Remixer. The Remix artist who takes a song & flips it on it’s head so much so that it makes the remix the reason the world heard the song in the first place. And the creative mind that takes a song that you were otherwise sick of hearing and makes you want to party hard in the club.

Lucky for you guys, the contributors to this blog are international touring DJs who know a thing or two about rocking a club. When you see a song on here, just know that it is held to a higher standard. Each day, we sort through the ridiculously large amounts of Remixes that become available, pick the best & deliver them to you.

In addition to posting the latest & greatest Remixes, we will provide you with news, events to look out for, exclusive interviews and much more, so bookmark this page and check back often.