The Remix Junkie

EAZY – Frankie Bones

House Music legend Frankie Bones said it best on his  soundcloud short & to the point. “BREAKS. PROPER”. Agreed!


Being a long time fan of Justice, whenever the chant of “We are your friends, you’ll never be alone again” always gives that good feeling.  I was happy to come across  Spenda C’s “booty”...

Chandelier (Dienvy Remix) – Sia

While radio seems to loves Sia’s “Chandelier” song, all of the Remixes I’ve heard before this weren’t that great. So I want to send a big thank you to Dienvy for making a version...

Invincible (BassTrixx Remix) – Borgeous

BassTrixx hailing from Toronto Canada,  the self proclaimed “5 star general of the party scene”, Borgeous’s “Invincible” track. The drops on this remix are solid with a powerful momentum & breakdown.