Post Malone x DJ Kontrol – Stoney Remixes

I made a Christmas present for everyone & Remixed 15 tracks from the new Post Malone album! Free Downloads below!

Post Malone x DJ Kontrol – Stoney (Remixes)


1. Git Up, Git Out, No Option
2. Big Poppa Money Made Me Do It
3. Big Drugs Lie
4. Patient (Triple Blend)
5. I Fall Apart Like Money
6. Up There (Triple Blend)
7. Too Young (Double Blend)
8. Congratulations Last Night
9. Yours Truly, Austin Post Nasty Freestyle
10. Hit This Hard With Strange Things
11. Deja Vu Where Are U Now
12. White Iverson Deja Vu
13. Go Flex Sex Faces
14. Broken Whiskey Glass Quiet Storm
15. Whole Lotta Cold Lovin’

Download Dirty Versions

Download Clean Versions

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